Saturday, 4 April 2015

It's a bit like spiders

Author: Veronica P (@BoobieBetrayal)

With my first chemo session looming in the next 10 days, I am starting to feel the nerves.
I feel like chemo means that there are a million things to worry about, they all run through my head a million times a day. Some feel like they should be only trivial and some are a bit bigger. All of the worries matter, all of the worries need to be seen to, all of the worries count but not a single one of them helps me now.
So, I've decided chemo itself is a bit like spiders. 
Loads of people thinks that they are something to be scared of and to run from. No-one knows why. We've seen the big nasty ones on the discovery channel but they aren't the ones that just vanished under the sofa...they are not even close. I don't know anyone that has ever been harmed by a spider and most of the time once they are dealt with life goes back to how it was before.

So here is my line of thought; you know that person that just scoops up the spider in the room and a la BeyoncĂ© just takes care of business while everyone else is in a flap? Well, I am going to be that girl right now. I am going to take care of business as best I can, respect the advice given to me but until I experience something to be afraid of I am not going to fear anything. I need my energy for making the best of the bits in-between it all.

Well that's decided then. I'm the girl who takes care of the spiders in our home :)

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