Saturday, 9 May 2015

Friends - like a spoonful of sugar

Author: Veronica P
I made it!

I had my first Chemo session and it seems that I am still in one piece! Better than that I'm doing great! :)

I still feel some obvious trepidation for the coming treatments. I know that harder days will come and it can't always be like this but... So far it's no party but I am surviving ok.
To date, the majority of advice given to me has been to grab the good days with both hands and enjoy them. Naturally, I don't normally need to be told twice to have fun ;)
This  weekend I travelled to meet uni friends as we had previously arranged and it felt bloody good just to be with friends, chatting nonsense in the sun. I had almost forgotten how rich friendship can feel. How it fills your heart with lightness and joy. I am lucky to have such wonderful and caring people in my lie. I am grateful for how many forms and expressions of friendship that there are between us.
I feel full of energy for the coming days, I have been topped up with happy! Take that fears and worries!


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