Tuesday, 22 September 2015

It's nearly breast cancer awareness month....

In just over a week's time it will be October - also known as "Breast Cancer Awareness Month".

The Young Women's Breast Cancer Blog UK will be sharing posts every single day throughout October, written by young women who have had a breast cancer diagnosis. We want to share the reality of living with breast cancer - the good, the bad, the ugly, (also the funny, the scary, the messy, the sad - the whole picture).

To give you a flavour, below are some quotes from some of the posts we have lined up already.

We would love to have even more posts lined up - if you are a young woman in the UK who has/had breast cancer, please have a read through our call out for submissions, and consider sharing your story here too.

If you would like to follow our blog you can do so on our website, Facebook page and Twitter feed.

And please - share this post as far and wide as possible to help us reach more people.

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"A voice in my head said ‘of course, I knew it would be’. Not negatively, just calmly. Shaking at first, taking long breaths, I sat down with my husband and a Breast Care Nurse to talk through my feelings, my options, the road ahead."


"Wow you don't even have to pull on the hair, just touch it and it just comes out in your hand, it's everywhere. Think I'm beating the dog on the malting stakes. It's horrible having your hand full of hair..."


"...it was grade 3 triple negative, the most aggressive and hard to treat of all breast cancers. I needed to start chemo as soon as possible... the chemo I needed I couldn't have while pregnant!"


"I was taken to hospital, redressed, and the [seroma] in my armpit was drained. About a week later my boob popped again in spectacular fashion, all over me, my poor son and my hall carpet. I held myself over the sink and I could see the hole in my boob so I supported it with my hand. What I hadn't realised was my boob had taken in air and upon supporting it the air pushed out and my boob farted!!!!! I laughed until the tears came."


"Being a single parent with a cancer diagnosis opened up all those horrendous questions such as "who will care for my son if I die". I want to see my son go to school. I want to see my son play his first footie match. I need to see my son grow up into the most remarkable young man I know he will be."


"I am a different person now and I am still trying to get used to my new normal. I may not be running marathons and nor am I loving every minute of every day. I still get annoyed and upset at the trials and tribulations of life and still occasionally “sweat the small stuff” but I’m getting through every day as best I can. Moving on has not been easy and I’m still working through things. I saw this quote “Sometimes you have to go through things and not around them”. That’s what I did I, got through it."


"What is my lasting memory of what cancer gave me after 13 months, it brought me back to my family, brought me new friends, renewed friendships with old friends. It's given me more than it ever took. I know I'm one of the lucky ones, but one thing that was a constant, I never stopped believing in life."

(Our pink photo ribbon was created by the wonderful Melissa Fletcher )

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