Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Pinktober.....give me a break!

Author: Kim

So it's that time of year again, Breast Cancer Awareness month!

October last year I was diagnosed with breast cancer for the first time.

This October I will be recovering from a 2nd mastectomy and going through chemo for my 2nd breast cancer diagnosis.

As I was waiting in hospital, waiting for them to take my only remaining breast away, leaving me flat chested, a new 'awareness campaign' was launched. Take a bow Breast Cancer Now and Marks & Spencer for your insensitive #showyourstrap. Take a selfie showing your bra strap, donate £3 and nominate other people. I get that the whole point is the donating bit but please?! Showing a bra strap, when thousands of women have had a double mastectomy and do not wear a bra. Or the men going through breast cancer that don't wear a bloody bra! Is there not a way you can raise actual awareness as well as just the funds? Maybe hold a sign up stating a symptom of breast cancer and then donate?? Sounds much better!

This is to be alongside their launch of new 'post surgery bras' designed by Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and modelled by breast cancer survivors. Whilst I admire all the ladies taking part in this, I'm not sure how they are post surgery bras. All wired and none have pockets for prothesis!! Ridiculous!

The day after surgery and another brilliant awareness idea! This time Danielle Lloyd stripped naked and painted pink for a party at the Playboy house for Zeo Pink & breast cancer awareness. Yeh seeing her perfect body with her perfect looking breasts is really raising awareness! Just an excuse to flaunt your body and to advertise that product! Just do one

How exactly does this help?!

I'm sure there are many more but these two have got my goat and it's only 30th September, we are not even in October yet, we are in for a lot more crap like this to come!

Come on people, do some proper thinking when doing an awareness campaign, speak to lots of people that have been affected by the disease and see what they think.

October is a tough month for anyone that has been affected by breast cancer, please think of them if you are going to try and raise awareness or funds.

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