Saturday, 7 March 2015

Brain won't stop

I am kicking off the Young Women's Breast Cancer Blog UK with a selection of posts from existing blogs of young women with breast cancer, to provide examples of the range of things you can write about.
This post is from the fantastic blog Gemma2015.

Will keep this short, since going for my fill this morning, I have had this one question going round and round in my head all afternoon/night……. WHAT HAS BEEN THE WORSE PART IN ALL OF THIS? Asked by Mr M, I kind of looked at him and went blank sure he heard my cogs going round and round in my head, first I came out with when you told me I had cancer then it was no the chemo then it was the worry about the op , then in the next breath it was no it was all of it, I was talking to Richard on the way from from feeding the cattle on the farm about it, and have come to a conclusion, my world fell apart when I got told the news that I had breast cancer, chemo was the un known and was hell, then to find out I was a brca1 carrier I will have to live with the fact I may of past this on to my girlies, and the big op (double mastectomy) I was s*** scared think we all fear the worse, don’t get me wrong it has been painful and scary to look at but I now think I look the same with my clothes on no one would know, and from all the kind comments I have had of my pic on Facebook it’s really made me buzz again thank you to all of you.

At the end of the day I am still here to tell the tale so nothing can be that bad can it? <3 x

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