Saturday, 7 March 2015

Day 197 - 10th February

I am kicking off the Young Women's Breast Cancer Blog UK with a selection of posts from existing blogs of young women with breast cancer, to provide examples of the range of things you can write about.

This post is from the fantastic blog Nelly's Notes.

In preparation for writing this, I have just re-read my posts from the day directly before my chemo.  Its fascinating to see the journey I have been on and how the fear of the unknown in almost every case has been far worse than the known.

The thing I had not remembered but just made me giggle though is that my ‘last supper’ was at Luck Lust Liquor and Burn, as was my celebratory lunch.  Seems I really like the place!
I’ve not been as ill as I anticipated i might be, but I have been surprised at just how tired I have got recently.  I start radiotherapy in three weeks which might make me worse, but now I can see this through the eyes of someone on the other side, so i know i have to go through it (although I can’t pretend I won’t get frustrated by it).

I know that at least one person has been waiting to see this picture, the crossing off of chemo number 8.

For me, the more exciting photo is this one

ripping up the countdown was very cathartic.  Not seeing it every time I enter the kitchen is definitely a bonus!

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