Thursday, 12 March 2015

The wonderful world of wigs

Author: Christina B

To most women who have breast cancer the thought of wearing a wig fills them with dread and fear of the unknown. The words "free wig" to me however was like music to my ears. Two little words that despite having cancer makes narcissistic chick sit right up and take note. A small bonus in this horrid journey. I'd also heard lots of rumours that the NHS provide around £150 towards wig costs and that you could have your wig professionally styled from Toni And Guy. Way to go NHS!!!

As a black woman prone to regular hair changing and high fashion hair styles I have always dabbled in the false hair/ wig department. I know my younger sister will pull me up on my usage of the word dabble here but hey ho. A new wig free wig sounded like a fabulous idea to me. Without dumbing down the side effects of chemotherapy, hair loss is a distressing part of breast cancer and some women need counselling and really struggle at the prospect of losing their hair. Hair to many woman equates with femininity, beauty and their identity which I understand and fully respect. Many also resent wearing wigs and scarves and head wraps as alternatives. For me however free wigs was certainly a USP of having the disease and I couldn't wait to start on that front. After finding out that chemo was part of my care plan the next day I phoned up my BCN to find out the where/ when and what regarding the wig. I picked up the phone and dialled the number excitedly.

Receptionist- Hello Sheldon unit.
Me- Hello... I'd like to make an appointment to have my free wig please.
Receptionist - Yes can I take your details
Me- Yes it's Christina Bray cue, phone number address etc etc Er can I ask a few questions please?
Receptionist- Yes fire away
Me- Er you know the wig is it made with human hair please?
Receptionist- Yes it is.
Me- Oh lovely yes that's fabulous. Erm I also just wanted to know what colour is the scalp on the wig please as I'm black and I didn't want a pink scalp if that ok so do you offer scalps in different colours please?
(Gosh I couldn't have asked that question more awkwardly if I'd tried. Should have planned that one in my head.)
Receptionist- Yes of course we do. We have a wide range.
Me- Oh lovely yes thank you. Erm is it Remy hair?
Receptionist- I haven't a clue love, I think you know more about it than me why don't you just come to your appointment and ask the specialist?
Me- Erm ok, thank you. goodbye.

I can hardly contain my excitement! Real hair, colour matched scalp! What are voters moaning at? The nhs gives human hair to cancer sufferers! Who knew?! Appointment is booked for Monday and I'm looking forward to it! It feels like I've outsmarted the Big C today because rather than crying and worrying about my hair falling out I'm uber excited about getting a new wig! Cancer 0- Me- 1. Every cloud has a silver lining and this one is silver and sparkly.

(And here it is!.....)

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