Sunday, 21 June 2015

A lesson from Rosie

Author: Sarah

Today has taught me the true potential of the human heart. Since I joined the young breast cancer network my heart has swelled with true love for all the other women in the world going through what we do. There is no sense to any of it other than the stark black and white of life and death. True success I now believe is acceptance of the miracle of life, finding the ability to treasure our time on earth and find peace with our fate whatever that may be. Not handbags and cars. I cannot believe that there can not be a higher calling for us for there must a reason these fantastic young women with so much to give are needed elsewhere. Our road is incredibly difficult, I use an analogy of old fashioned warfare, we are a troop, we stand and march together, we pick up our fallen and carry them for as long as is humanly possible. We grieve and mourn together for fallen comrades. This is not modern life as many know, it is a sometimes grim reality that's requires true grit but it is now our modern day reality. It is lucky my heart has swollen and grown so much because I lose a piece with every beautiful soul we lose.

We will carry each other for as long as we can allowing each other to have as much time as we can with loved ones and when one day that is not enough we will free each other from guilt and torment and allow our souls to fly free from pain and anguish reassuring each other that no matter what we ate or have done we did not invite this!

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