Monday, 15 June 2015

Dear Chemo

Author: Sarah

Dear Chemo

I'm writing to tell you we're through, I've just had enough of you.
I am so glad we're done and I can't say it's been fun.
You've taken some of my hair up top and all from downstairs.
You've taken my lashes and given me rashes.
You've stolen some joy and made me quite coy.
You've made me frown and sometimes feel very down.
You've been vicious and with you nothing tastes delicious.
You've caused frequent tears and plenty of fears.
You've made me swell and feel of my normal friends quite jel.
You've burnt my veins and blocked up my personal drains!
You've stolen my nose hair and left my eyebrows bare.
You've made my eyes water and given me bum traumas.
You've embarrassed me beyond belief making my nose run down past my teeth.
You've made me vomit and being pain free, well far from it.
You've messed with my mind and to a social life left me quite blind.
You've caused friends to pity me and even stopped me drinking tea.
You've caused me to miss so much and I hate my life thus.
This can't go on what you do to my body is all wrong.
Our relationship is done but the reality makes me quite numb.
Leaving you makes sense but the last 5 months have been so intense.

I'll miss you, your routine, your support, your highs, your lows but you are too much for me I can't take you anymore.

But before I walk out the door for hopefully the last time I want to say Thank you. Without you my future life would look so very different to how it looks today, in fact it would be even more uncertain.

You've moulded me, changed me, stripped me bare and beaten me down but I will rise again and I will rebuild myself stronger more resilient, healthier and happier than before and I will live! Thanks to you, Chemo.

PS can we stay friends I just want to hedge my bets just in case I can't live without you.

Goodbye with love from the bottom of my heart under my wonky boobed chest!


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