Sunday, 21 June 2015

The life I've lost

Author: Sarah

I'm still here and I don't mind at what cost
But still I grieve for the life I've lost

The hopes and dreams of yesterday remain
But now are tempered with fear and restraint

I long to dream of getting old
But tempting fate is just too bold

Relationships become strained
Thoughts of death on conversations rain

Fear has stolen many friends
Illness and treatment to isolations tends

No evidence of disease does my ears please
But friends have blown through with the breeze

The distance caused by what I'm not clear
Lack of kindness I'm sure not, perhaps it's fear

Each day passes much the same as the last
But how I long for the days that are past

Carefree coffees, aimless shopping
But friends they rarely do drop in

What should they say, what should they do
My answer to that just be you

Will it change I do hope so
For life without friends is terribly slow

I don't talk cancer all day
Please come we've plenty to say

The weather, friends, clothes, food, shoes and men
All topics I can cover again and again

Just be my friend if you're finding it hard
Drop me a card

I'll understand and appreciate your view
But please come visit me do!

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