Sunday, 7 June 2015


Author: Kim F


Yes this is what I think I am...angry.

Angry I got cancer.
Angry I got it at 30.
Angry I got diagnosed 6 months after my 2nd beautiful boy was born.
Angry that our perfect family was torn apart.
Angry that life will never be the same again.
Angry that Im having to mourn the care free life we had.

Angry that it has made me hate how my body looks
Angry that it has made me super self conscious.
Angry that every ache or pain I have now, my head automatically thinks 'it's spread' and panic hits.
Angry that I am now jealous of everyone that are living their lives without these worries.
Angry that my boys may end up growing up without their mummy.
Angry that my husband may lose his wife.
Angry that I can't let go of the anger and be happier.

I am hoping one day soon this will all fade away. I know it won't go completely but it should at least let me really enjoy the life I actually have with my amazing family and friends. Xxx

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