Saturday, 17 October 2015

Breast cancer awareness month: Fried egg problems, part 2 - chemo hair loss.

Author: Better Days

Chemo hair loss:

17 May: Oh fuck... I think the hair is gonna start falling out, my head feels tingly n every time I brush my fingers through it a strand or two comes out, sounds daft but yeah. My scalp just feels different, tingly n sore. Oh fuck better get my arse to the wig shop this week. Oh well least I will have super smooth legs all summer and my toiletry bill will reduce. Really really wanna stomp my feet like a toddler and say no it's mine, get off!!
For Fuck Sake its only hair, guess it's nearly time to gear up to getting it shaved off. I don't wanna play anymore, other than the hair I was feeling really good lol yeah just Fuck!

19 May: Well the hair is hanging in there for now, it is coming out but slowly. Just straightened it and it took 10 minutes. That's a first normally takes about 30 minutes or more.
It still looks ok just really thin for my hair. I would like to apologise to my hair for all the years of moaning about it being too thick.
Plus side, new baseball cap and I WILL go wig shop tomorrow without putting it off or finding an excuse or something else to do.

23 May: Well it's definitely started, the hair is coming out eekk, it's not in clumps but strands and there's a really thin bit at the front. If I run my hands through it hair comes out so guess it's watch this space now and thank the sports gods for baseball caps!!
The weird bit is the itchness and I'm talking about the lady garden - it's itchy, where the hair is and feckin annoying. It appears that the itch means the hair is falling out. I've looked like a women with a serious infection or something today having a good itch, good job I've been at home for most of the day, as people would think I was a crazy lady!! Ok maybe too much info but its annoying and funny at the same time.
Now off to drink my stella and collect the random strands of hair that are around the house!

24 May: Wow you don't even have to pull on the hair, just touch it and it just comes out in your hand, it's everywhere. Think I'm beating the dog on the malting stakes. It's horrible having your hand full of hair and feck me it hurts - the top of my head just hurts - I should be thinking it's only hair and if this is the worst side effect than I should be grateful. Baseball cap is on, glass of wine in hand and trying my best to find the silver lining on this one. Even though you know it's gonna happen, it don't make it any easier when it does. Guess within a week I'm gonna look like a cancer patient and a bit of a twat in a headscarf lol. Now where's that wine- at least there's no bald spots just yet.

25 May:  To shave or malt is what's being considered today. Will save having to watch it fall out, picking it all up and might stop the head hurting and piles of hair thinking time.

26 May: Trying to stay positive when your scalp feels like it's ready to peel off. Ouch. That is all.

29 May: Well the bitch cant be called boring, this week has seen hair loss, chemo clinic and bloods. The good old rollercoaster of emotions in full swing. The hair loss - you can now see my scalp, it's actually whiter than my legs! It aint a good look but heyho that's the bitch. I'm trying to not let it get me down but yer that's hard when everywhere you look there's strands of hair or you look in a mirror, I will get used to I guess and its gonna grow back so for now its hats n scarfs. I know I need to face the world and get out, let people stare.

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