Thursday, 29 October 2015

Breast cancer awareness month: Tainted school days

Author: Charlotte S

I loved school, from my tiny primary to my huge secondary where I stayed on to do A levels.
I was fortunate to not get bullied, I wasnt miss popular nor the cleverest, I was me and I coasted along without any major concerns.... I look back on those years with a smile and good memories and I'm grateful to Facebook for helping me to reconnect with special friends.

But now I look at my children who were 12 and 14 when I was diagnosed with Triple Negative breast cancer and I wonder how different their time at secondary school could have been. It makes me feel sick that when they look back at these years in 20 years time will all the fun times be tainted by the memory of what home was like. My cancer is a stubborn mule and almost 5 years on I'm still having almost constant treatment. Have they gone to school and been laughed at because their mum has no hair and one boob...I know they wouldnt admit it to me... Both my children have great friends but its all the others that worry me...was there a child who would say things as they passed?

Would they have done even better in their exams if they didnt have me at home hogging the attention?  I know I took my eye off the ball when it came to nagging over revision.

But most of all I just hate the thought that they will look back with sadness.

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