Monday, 26 October 2015

Breast cancer awareness month: Lisa's story

Author: Lisa J

Well where do I begin? Never done this before but neither have I had cancer before.

On 17th October 2014 my nightmare began. I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. "Wow death sentence" was initial thought! I had a lumpectomy 21st November then in December back for results. Another operation for lymph node removal 2nd January 2015. I found the operations painful but that was nothing to what the next step of treatment was.

February 4th I started chemo. I laughed all the way having it. I guess nerves or I'm just a head case ha ha. Chemo was the pits. It took everything from me. I hit rock bottom. It's mad because throughout life I suffer depression but this was another level. My hair started to fall out after 1st chemo so I decided that after 2nd chemo to shave my head which was totally heart breaking but the best thing to do. I had 10 rounds of chemo then 20 radiotherapy which ended in July 2015.

I was very poorly throughout chemo, it took everything from me and has totally changed me as a person. I suffered many years depression, bi polar that I stayed in bed and dealt with my own demons but being hit with cancer has gave me a different outlook on life. I don't stay in bed I'm up and out everyday, even though it's hard I push myself. I am lucky that I had good support from family and some friends but a lot of friends treated me like they could catch cancer so I deleted those people and life is good now.

I struggle everyday I think what happened there but I am alive and here to tell the tale. Cancer is a group that no one wants to be in but I have met loads lovely people like myself living with the after affects of cancer. 

Lisa J x 

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