Sunday, 25 October 2015

Breast cancer awareness month: It's only mastitis isn't it?

Author: Claire B

I was 42 when I was diagnosed in August 2012. Breast cancer had never crossed my mind. I went to clinic thinking I has mastitis and it was just a matter of course check. I came out thinking my world had fell apart. My husband and three children (18,15,12) were devastated. Seeing them so upset made me feel terrible and guilty, however I knew from the start I would do whatever had to be done to beat it!

2 lumpectomies, 6 chemos, 5 weeks of radiotherapy ...

Learning I had to have chemo was like hearing I had cancer all over again. It is a horrible, horrible experience but doable
( get ready for people to say 'it's only hair it will grow back!' It's so much more than that.)

.... Thank god we have the treatment and the NHS. I am still here thanks to that.

While having treatment I wanted my children's life to stay as normal as possible . Thanks to the massive support of my husband and family and friends we were able to do this.

Cancer took a year out of my life to beat. I am 3 years on now. It has taken a while to recover but I feel good. I have aches and pains and moans that I didn't have before but they are a small price to pay.

My outlook in life has changed. Small things don't worry me . I am thankful I am here to see my family grow . Believe it or not I even have days when I forget about cancer .

 Accept help when offered. Rest. Listen to your body. Keep strong. Keep positive. xxxx

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